Spet 1 – Finger knitting

It’s been a while since I posted ‘how to teach kids knitting‘. And when I was preparing a post about my daughter’s apathy in finger knitting – she tried it (at the end).

finger knitted scarf

Finger Knitted Scarf

Firstly I collected some beautiful finger knitting projects and different colours yarns that I had. Obviously she liked only pink and purple. Girls won’t be girls :).

I did all my homework, but her respond was negative. She wanted to knit a sweater with a proper knitting needles. I tried one more time after a few weeks, but still there was no interest.

But one day, when she wasn’t feeling well and missed preschool for few days, she asked me to show her how to finger knit. I was delighted to hear that. So, we got ourselves comfortably on a sofa and knitted a scarf for her.

finger knitting

Finger Knitting

She was happy seeing how quickly her scarf is getting longer. Even then, we had few moments when she wanted to finish it right now. And with a little bit of encouragement and my help we made it.

finger knitted scarf

Finger Knitted Scarf

It was enough work for her to knit this scarf in one day, so we put it aside. And just after few days we made two pom-pons and attached them to the ends.

pom pon


Our finished scarf looks cute and colourful. Even my husband was surprised after he saw it. And it’s not easy to surprise him ;).

finger knitted scarf

Finger Knitted Scarf with Pom-pons

I hope our next step – loom knitting will be smoother.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I found great finger knitting tutorial on RokieMeg.com.

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