Pinterest-ing: Embroidery 4

Embroidery is something that started to catch my eye just recently. So, I created ‘Embroidery‘ board on Pinterest and started collecting some inspirational examples. And here are my TOP 10:

1. Needlework by Bev Tully:

Bev Tully embroidery

Source – Gumnut Yarns

2. Embroidery by Julie Balzer:

Julie Balzer's embroidery

Source – Balzer Design

3. Hasta Mostla embroidery:

hasta mostla embroidery

Source – Carmen Segovia 

4. Ocean by Ana Teresa Barbosa:

Ocean by Ana Teresa Barboza

Source – Ana Teresa Barboza

5. Needlework by Yumiko Higuchi:

Yumiko Higuchi embroidery

Source – Yumiko Higuchi

6. ‘Dantelion’ embroidery:

Dantelion embroidery

Source – Weekend notes

7. Beaded Birds by Geninne D Zlatkis:

Geninne D Zlatkis embroidery

Source – Flickr

8. A Garden in Lindved by Sarah (couldn’t find her last name):

Sarah embroidery

Source – The Createry

9. Hungarian folk embroidery by Bardocz Eva:

 Bardócz Éva embroidery

Source – Bardocz Eva

10. Embroidery by Leonor Barreiro:

Leonor Barreiro embroidery

Source – Flickr

I hope, one day I will be brave enough to create one needlework myself.

Pinterest-ing Embroidery top10


Enjoy and get inspired!

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