Knitted newborn winter set 15

Just before Christmas I finished this newborn winter set for our new arrival. We hope to see him in few weeks time.

knitted newborn winter set

Firstly, I knitted woolly socks. I made them simple without any cuff not to squeeze baby’s legs. Then I knitted mittens. We are expecting to have a baby-boy so, to be more boyish, I used double plaited cable on the front of them. And I used moss stitch for the palm sides.

When the mittens were finished, I started to knit a hat. Pattern for the cable stitch:

cable stitch

Cable stitch

It was the hardest part to me, because I didn’t know the measurements of baby’s head. So, I measured one of my daughters first hats. The knitted pattern looked like letter ‘T’ up side down:

knitted newborn winter set

Next step was to knit the edge on the front of the hat, so I picked up stitches and knitted it. I had to do it three times until it looked good:

knitted newborn winter set

Then I sewed hat and knitted back side edge:

knitted newborn winter set

I hope all the knittings will fit perfectly.


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