3 Knitted Dog Sweaters 2

Last year – just before Christmas we got a Yorkshire puppy as a gift. She was the smallest one in her breed so we called her Pixie. And my first task this year was to knit her a sweater. I had never knitted anything for a puppy, so it took me few attends to get the sweater right. The first one had too wide neck.

knitted dog sweater 2

Knitted Dog Sweater (first attend)

The second one was very cute and fitted  her nicely. She couldn’t stop chewing the wood button until it went off :). You can get the pattern to this cute sweater on my Ravelry store.

knitted dog sweater free pattern Collage


Knitted Dog Sweater (second attend)

And the third one was just perfect. It even had some space for growing.

knitted dog sweater 1

Knitted Dog Sweater (third attend)

Knitted Dog Sweater (side)

 Knitted Dog Sweater (third attend)

I used a pure wool to knit these sweaters, because of wool’s ability to stay lovely and warm even when it’s wet outside. And I used cable stitch on the back side and 2×2 rib till the neck on  the front to make it stretchy and cosy to wear.

knitted dog sweater

Knitted Dog Sweater (back)

Knitted Dog Sweater (front)

Knitted Dog Sweater (front)

Thank you  for reading!

P.S. In case you missed it – here is the link to my Revelry store to get the pattern. 🙂

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