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My daughter, who will be 4 in December, is very much into crafting. She wants to do everything that I do and she gets quite sad if her craft doesn’t look the same as mine.

She has got kids sewing machine on her last birthday, and my mother (after hearing about her interest in crafts) sends us a sewing machine from my and my sister’s childhood. All the family and friends are supporting her :).

Just before she started the preschool we made few name tags and after a while she stitched her first button. But mostly she wants to knit.

stitched button

My daughter’s first stitched button

My biggest worry was about using needles at her age, and our little brother (20 months old) always busy taking what is not allowed and putting into his mouth. I started to imagine what will happen if…

The next worry was if I won’t let her knit saying she is too young, she might lose her interest in it forever. And there are plenty of benefits from knitting, but the biggest benefit for me would be to have the same interest with her.

So, I decided to teach her knitting. The question was how :).

I had some thoughts on my own, and I had read how to teach kids knitting. Because my daughter is under 4 (and there are many opinions saying that the best age to start knitting is 5-7) I made a teaching plan:

Step 1 – Finger knitting – it’s very safe knitting technique, where all you need is yarn and your hands.

finger knitting

Finger knitting by

Step 2 – Loom knitting – it’s a knitting technique when you are using yarns, knitting loom and a knitting hook. I had never tried loom knitting, so I am looking forward to try this together with my daughter.

loom knitting

Loom knitting by

Step 3 – Knitting with needles – probably the most traditional knitting technique, where you use yarns and two knitting needles.

knitting with needles

Knitting with needles by

Everything might change during the teaching process and I will give you all the updates and results.

Thank you for reading!

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