DIY Winter Wonderland 2

It seems it’s our fourth year in a row when we will have green Christmas here in Ireland. To remind ourselves how magical it looked in 2010, I made this winter wonderland.

DIY winter wonderland

DIY Winter Wonderland

You will need:

  1. fish tank (or any other wide glass vase or bowl);
  2. moss;
  3. confetti snow (120 g.);
  4. decorative Christmas tree (I used the flashing red one from Dealz shop);
  5. 2 reindeer.

Step 1. Put some moss into your fish tank/vase/bowl.

DIY winter wonderland 1

DIY Winter Wonderland

Step 2.  Put confetti snow on the top of the moss.

DIY winter wonderland 2

DIY Winter Wonderland

Step 3. Place your Christmas tree. Push it sightly to secure it’s position.

DIY winter wonderland 3

DIY Winter Wonderland

Step 4. Put the reindeer one-by-one. Push them slightly into the moss, so they will be standing still.

DIY winter wonderland 4

DIY Winter Wonderland

Because I used flashing Christmas tree, I positioned it more to the edge of the tank, to have enough space to put my hand into and switch the lights on and off.

DIY winter wonderland 5

DIY Winter Wonderland

And here you have it – beautiful winter wonderland sits nicely on the coffee-table or fireplace.

DIY Winter Wonderland 6

DIY Winter Wonderland

In the evening my winter wonderland looks even more magical.

DIY Winter Wonderland 7

DIY Winter Wonderland

Thank you for reading!

The following year we had a Rustic Winter Wonderland:

Winter wonderland

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