DIY Hanging Christmas Wreath

We are just starting to decorate our home for Christmas and last weekend I made this wreath which hangs nicely in our sitting room.

hanging christmas wreath

DIY Hanging Christmas Wreath

To make one wreath you will need:

  1. artificial pine garland, 1.2 m long (I found one at “Deals”);
  2. wire;
  3. some ribbon;
  4. Christmas ornaments.

Step 1. Take your pine garland and stretch it to be straight. Then make nice thick wreat by shaping the garland to two circulars.

how to make hanging Christmas wreath

Making Christmas Hanging Wreath

Step 2. Secure bases with some wire pieces.

securing bases

Securing the bases

Step 3. Cut your ribbon in 4 pieces, fold each of them and make a knob leaving the length you desire wreath will hang.

making hanging wreath

Making Christmas Hanging Wreath

Step 4. Position ribbons one by one leaving knob up on the wreath. Turn the wreath upside down and make a nice bow using eds of the ribbon.

making christmas hanging wreath

Making Christmas Hanging Wreath

Step 5. Hang your wreath and decorate with Christmas ornaments. I decorated mine with crochet snowflakes and few birds.

Hanging Christmas Wreath DIY

Thank you for reading!

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