Crochet girl’s vest (free pattern)

Just few days ago I finished this lovely vest for my daughter. I was stuck with this project, so I had to put it away for a while. And now, when I see the result, I am very happy that I didn’t rush it.

And here it is – girl’s vest from crochet hexagons:

crochet girls vestBack:

crochet girls vest

Bright ribbon:…

crochet girls vest

and similar colour  beads in the middle of hexagons:

crochet girls vest

Pattern that I was using (from Chinese crochet book):

crochet hexagon diagram


I didn’t follow the pattern step by step. I wanted to have smaller hexagons, so I skipped the 4th row.

Also, in the link below you can find a lot of schemes how to join crochet triangular parts, granny squares, hexagons, rounds for a nice garment.


P.S. If you had never came along the meanings of crochet symbols or how to follow the crochet diagram, just use the links below:

Knit Picks Mighty Stitch Yarn

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