Crochet Garland (free pattern) 3

And here it is – crochet garland for my daughter’s bedroom.

crochet garland (with pattern)

I had some leftovers of the threats, which I wanted to use somewhere. The colours were girlish, so it had to be something for my daughter and not too big.

crochet garland (with pattern)

I crochet 12 rectangles (4 of each colour) and a long row. To make it more practical I didn’t stitch the triangles to the row, but just pushed the row through one of each rectangles’ edge, so at any time I can make any gaps between rectangles depending on how I will hang it.

crochet garland (with pattern)

Pattern of rectangles I was using:

crochet garland free pattern

Source – ‘Rankdarbiu namai’

If you had never came along the meanings of crochet symbols or how to follow the crochet diagram, just use the links below:


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