Crochet Doily and Cushion Covers (free pattern) 15

Finally, I finished this ‘doily and two cushions’ gift set to my mom!

My mother wanted a doily to be  the same size as the top of her coffee-table. So, I was busy quite a long time to crochet 80 x 80 cm size doily (I was crocheting a doily for the second time in my life). And at the end it became 82 x 82 cm size doily.

crochet doily

To decorate the cushions I used the main doily’s motive to create these  flowers.

crochet doily's and cushions gift set



I don’t know, what was the problem with the second pattern (me or the pattern), but I couldn’t make it nice. So, I made my own pattern:

crochet doily's and cushions gift set

Also, I want to thank to Jaketerina Lenardiene, the  editor of Lithuanian craft magazine “Rankdarbiu kraite”, for helping me to get this pattern from 2010 magazine.


P.S. If you had never came along the meanings of crochet symbols or how to follow the crochet diagram, just use the links below:

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