Crochet brooch (free pattern, tutorial)

About a month ago me and my daughter started thinking about ‘Thank You’ presents for her teachers. And we came up with an idea to make a brooch  for each of them.

Free Pattern crochet brooch

Crochet Brooches

To make one of these You will need:

  1. Crochet thread (I used Bergere de France: white, caruso, pink, violet, yellow);
  2. Crochet hook (I used 1.75 mm);
  3. Flower stamens;
  4. 1 pin;
  5. scissor, needle.

Firstly, crochet 3 white circles following the pattern below. I didn’t want the brooch to get too big, so I crocheted only 6 rows.

crochet brooch, free pattern

Crochet Brooch Pattern, source – ISSUU

Then, I crochet the 7th row of each circle in single crochet with different colour thread(row 11 in the pattern above). And using white thread crochet one small circle following the pattern above (end up with 3th row).

Crochet circulars for the brooch

Crocheted Circulars for the Brooch

Now fold 1/3 of your flower stamens in half (so you will know where the middle of the stamens is) and stitch them in the middle of each big crochet circles (see picture below).

Adding flower stamens to crochet circular

Stitched Flower Stamens

Then make a flower: fold it, wrap sewing thread few times and stitch it to secure (see picture below).

making a flower

Making Flowers

After that, stitch all three flowers together. Then stitch a small circle on top of it and add the pin in the middle (see picture below).

making brooche

Finishing brooch

And it’s done – simple, blossoming brooch full of body and volume.

Crochet brooch, yellow, white

Crochet Brooch

If you had never came along the meanings of crochet symbols or how to follow the crochet diagram, just use the links below:

Thank you for reading!

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