Crochet boy’s summer hat 6

My first order is finished!

crochet boys hat

I had an order to knit a summer hat for a baby-boy. Yes, the order was to knit. I tried to do it twice, but  both times I was unhappy with the results. The edge was to sharp and the stitch didn’t look nice. So, after long thoughts and talks with client I decided to crochet it.

I knew that the hat has to be made with simple stitches, otherwise it may look girlish. So, I made it all with treble crochet.

crochet boys hat

I added nice triangle stitches on the edge.

crochet boys hat

On the front of the hat I stitched my early made decoration (while I was waiting for knitting needles to arrive) …

crochet boys hat

… and on the back of it I stitched baby’s first name initial, to make it more personal.

crochet boys hat


P.S. I just received picture with Matas and his new hat.

crocheted summer hat

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