Cot bed bumper and a laundry bag 5

Two years ago I sewed a cot bed bumper for my daughter.

cot bed bumper

The fabric that I used for this bumper I bought in IKEA. I love the colors and pattern of it, but I still wanted to add something mine. So, I added buttons as a giraffe spots and made same embroidery.

cot bed bumpercot bed bumper

It looks nice from the back side too.

cot bed bumper

I have some fabric left and this time I wanted to make a laundry bag for our new arrival. So, one Saturday evening I took the fabric, sewing machine and made this laundry bag.

laundry bag

I added rubber tie on the top and made two plates on the bottom of bag to make it more spacious.

laundry baglaundry bag

And I attached long ties in the corners so it suites anywhere.

laundry bag

The baby’s laundry bag suits perfectly not just on our laundry bag, but on baby cot too.



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