I love snowflakes. I love to crochet them and to decorate with them. We use them as Christmas tree ornaments and on hanging wreath. Every year I’m asked to share crochet snowflakes diagrams/patterns with my friends. I thought you might want to crochet few snowflakes this year as well. So I picked […]

110 Crochet snowflakes (free pattern, diagram)

At the end of last year I made myself a goal that every 3 months I will make and donate something for the Charity . And this time I made two small blankets (35 cm x 35 cm) to keep pre-mature babies warmer. Crochet Blankets I used: Lanoso “Bonito” yarns (49% wool, 51% acrylic). Gauge information: 18 […]

Knit for Charity: Crochet Blankets (free patterns)

Last year – just before Christmas we got a Yorkshire puppy as a gift. She was the smallest one in her breed so we called her Pixie. And my first task this year was to knit her a sweater. I had never knitted anything for a puppy, so it took me few attends […]

3 Knitted Dog Sweaters

It’s probably something in the air before Christmas that makes me think more about those who needs our help more then ourself. And this year I decided to crochet this stripey blanket for Knitting for pre-mature Babies which they will be using as an incubator cover.  Crochet Stripey Blanket I made this […]

Knit for Charity: Crochet Stripey Blanket (with pattern)

My daughter, who will be 4 in December, is very much into crafting. She wants to do everything that I do and she gets quite sad if her craft doesn’t look the same as mine. She has got kids sewing machine on her last birthday, and my mother (after hearing about […]

How to teach kids knitting

Tomorrow my daughter will start the preschool. She is exited and looking forwards. So, to finish our preparation we made few name tags for her jackets. Name tag She choose all the colours and for the first time I stopped myself saying ‘I don’t think these colours look nice together’, […]

Name Tag

Embroidery is something that started to catch my eye just recently. So, I created ‘Embroidery‘ board on Pinterest and started collecting some inspirational examples. And here are my TOP 10: 1. Needlework by Bev Tully: Source – Gumnut Yarns 2. Embroidery by Julie Balzer: Source – Balzer Design 3. Hasta Mostla embroidery: […]

Pinterest-ing: Embroidery

Valentine’s Day is not so far away, and here are few crafts ideas how you can express your Love: for greeting cards Lovers: Valentine’s Day Cards (source – Real Simple) 3-D Valentine’s Day Card (source, tutorial – Marta Stewart) for coffee/tea Lovers: Felt Coffee-Cup Sleeve (source – Marta Stewart) for […]

15 DIYs to express your LOVE

My first reaction was ‘WOW’, when I found these Halloween decorations. I had never fought, you can reuse buttons to decorate a pumpkin :). Source and step-by-step lessons – click here. Source and step-by-step lessons – click here. Happy pumpkin-making! Related articles 6 DIY Eco-Friendly Halloween Décor ( Have a […]

Inspiration. How to make Halloween decorations reusing old buttons