15 DIYs to express your LOVE

Valentine’s Day is not so far away, and here are few crafts ideas how you can express your Love:

DIY valentines day

  • for greeting cards Lovers:

DIY valentines day

Valentine’s Day Cards (source – Real Simple)

DIY Valentines day

3-D Valentine’s Day Card (source, tutorial – Marta Stewart)

  • for coffee/tea Lovers:

DIY valentines dayFelt Coffee-Cup Sleeve (source – Marta Stewart)

  • for readers:

DIY valendines day

52 Reasons (source – Flickr)

DIY for valentines day

Felt heart bookmark (source, pattern – simple Serendipities)

  • for those, who Love to relax:

DIY for valentines day

Heart Bath Bombs (source, tutorial – Design Sponge)

DIY Valentines day

Valentine’s Heart Embed Soap (source, tutorial – Candle Making Techniques)

  • for treat Lovers:

DIY to express your LOVE

Candy Gift (source, tutorial – Joy is at home)

DIY how to express your LOVE

Candy Corn Mason Jar (source, tutorial – Shaken together)

DIY Valentines day

Red Velvet Popcorn (source, tutorial – Cookies and Cups)

  • for jewellery Lovers:

DIY valentines day

Love necklace (source, tutorial – More Design Place)

  • for art Lovers:

DIY for valentines day

Finger-print picture (source – Cute DIY ideas)

  • for décor Lovers:

DIY valentines day

Burlap Utensil Holder (source, tutorial – Design Dinning and Diapers

DIY valentines day

Candle in the Bottle (source, tutorial – I love this and that)

DIY Valentines day

Personalized Pillow (source, tutorial – wit and whistle

All you need is LOVE!