110 Crochet snowflakes (free pattern, diagram)

I love snowflakes. I love to crochet them and to decorate with them. We use them as Christmas tree ornaments and on hanging wreath.

Every year I’m asked to share crochet snowflakes diagrams/patterns with my friends. I thought you might want to crochet few snowflakes this year as well. So I picked up few free patterns and diagrams for you to try.


110 Crochet Snowflakes (free patterns)

I made three bottom snowflakes (photo below) last year and a year before. I used them as an ornaments and for gifts’ wrapping. An’t they gorges?

Source and free diagrams – Marrietta

I love this tree of snowflakes! By downloading a pattern you will get 7 snowflakes patterns and a diagram how to sew them together for the same result.

Source and free patterns – Red Heart

These are very beautiful snowflakes I found on Martha Stewart web page. There are 4 patterns of this seasonal icon.

Source and patterns – Martha Stewart

This book gives you 80 2D snowflake patterns and 12 3D patterns. Few pages are missing so you won’t get all 99 snowflakes how it says on the book.



Source and free patterns – get.google.com

7 more written snowflake patterns:

Source and patterns – Better Homes & Gardens

Source and pattern – Snowcacher

Source and pattern – LANUKAS

And last 7 more crochet snowflake diagrams for you to try:

Source and diagrams – Szydelkomania

Source and diagram – Passion Forum

Source and diagram – Live Master

Source and diagram – Sexy Crochet

Let’s get crafty!


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