I love snowflakes. I love to crochet them and to decorate with them. We use them as Christmas tree ornaments and on hanging wreath. Every year I’m asked to share crochet snowflakes diagrams/patterns with my friends. I thought you might want to crochet few snowflakes this year as well. So I picked […]

110 Crochet snowflakes (free pattern, diagram)

Well, it depends where you are at the moment. But here in Ireland it’s about time to start making one or two hats for your loved once. I started making this hat when we were caravaning in Tralee this summer, but could’t finish it (make and add a pompom) until […]

Is it a hat season already?

It’s done! Cute little pullover for my son Vytis. Knitted boy’s pullover This time I took my time and did everything the way it should be (I usually cut the corners :)). First I measured my son, made patterns, knitted and blocked a sample of a stitch.

Knitted boy’s pullover (free stitch pattern)

Today I want to share with you my latest patterns which are available to buy on my Ravelry store. Why not to make a great Autumn accessory for you, your child and your loved once. Bring some colour into your wardrobe with this Multi-colour Autumn Cowl. This easy pattern comes in two sizes: […]

3 New Easy Patterns

Stamping (block printing) on fabric is a great way to make your own fabric design or refresh something you already have. For the beginning you can make stamps using half lemon, half apple, tree leaves, pencil with fresh eraser, toilet paper rolls or carve any shape or ornament out of […]

15+ DIY Stamping on Fabrick

If you are planing to crochet yourself a skirt or two for this summer, it’s about time to get started. I collected 15 free crochet skirt patterns for you to choose from: 15 Free Crochet Skirt Patterns

15 Free Crochet Skirt Patterns

We are just starting to decorate our home for Christmas and last weekend I made this wreath which hangs nicely in our sitting room. DIY Hanging Christmas Wreath To make one wreath you will need: artificial pine garland, 1.2 m long (I found one at “Deals”); wire; some ribbon; Christmas ornaments. […]

DIY Hanging Christmas Wreath

If you’re thinking about “handmade Christmas”, why not to start with some felt ornaments. In these days felt can be found in loads of different colours, and they are easy to work with. So, to help you start I collected more then 25 beautiful felt ornaments with free patterns or great tutorials […]

25+ Felt Christmas Ornaments (free patterns)

Inspired by DIY of wood slice ornaments (listed below) I found on Pinterest, I decided to try it myself. And here are the results that I’m very happy with. 🙂 Christmas Wood Slice Ornaments Christmas Wood Slice Ornaments And here are all the tutorials that inspired me:

DIY Christmas Wood Slice ornaments

About a month ago me and my daughter started thinking about ‘Thank You’ presents for her teachers. And we came up with an idea to make a brooch  for each of them. Crochet Brooches To make one of these You will need: Crochet thread (I used Bergere de France: white, […]

Crochet brooch (free pattern, tutorial)

Summer is just round the corner and it’s the right time to make yourself a stylish bag (or two) for the season. So, I picked up more then 120 crochet and knitted bags’ and purses’ patterns for you. And here they are:

121 Free Crochet and Knit Handbag Patterns

At the end of last year I made myself a goal that every 3 months I will make and donate something for the Charity . And this time I made two small blankets (35 cm x 35 cm) to keep pre-mature babies warmer. Crochet Blankets I used: Lanoso “Bonito” yarns (49% wool, 51% acrylic). Gauge information: 18 […]

Knit for Charity: Crochet Blankets (free patterns)

Last year – just before Christmas we got a Yorkshire puppy as a gift. She was the smallest one in her breed so we called her Pixie. And my first task this year was to knit her a sweater. I had never knitted anything for a puppy, so it took me few attends […]

3 Knitted Dog Sweaters

Even that we’re not allowed to change the colour of my kids rooms, I’m still collecting kids bedroom ideas and I hope one day I will use them. Here are 22 ideas how to decorate kids’ bedroom walls: 10 ideas for girl’s bedroom, 2 for unisex and 10 for boy’s bedroom. And […]

Inspiration. 22 Kids Room Interior Ideas

It seems it’s our fourth year in a row when we will have green Christmas here in Ireland. To remind ourselves how magical it looked in 2010, I made this winter wonderland. DIY Winter Wonderland You will need: fish tank (or any other wide glass vase or bowl); moss; confetti […]

DIY Winter Wonderland

It’s only 9 more days left till Christmas. And to help you with finishing touches I collected 20 free Christmas printables. Here they are: free Christmas printable artworks and greeting cards, gift tags, gift boxes, Christmas food gift labels, Christmas bunting and some decorations. 20 FREE Christmas printables

20 FREE Christmas Printables

Inspired by Ilona’s post DIY Christmas fabric ornaments I wanted to try something similar myself. And here are two sets of Christmas ornaments I made yesterday. DIY Christmas Ornaments Firstly I made 2 ornaments with buttons. We bought these buttons to our e-Craft Bay shop, and they all came damaged. […]

DIY Christmas Ornaments

It’s probably something in the air before Christmas that makes me think more about those who needs our help more then ourself. And this year I decided to crochet this stripey blanket for Knitting for pre-mature Babies which they will be using as an incubator cover.  Crochet Stripey Blanket I made this […]

Knit for Charity: Crochet Stripey Blanket (with pattern)

It’s been a while since I posted ‘how to teach kids knitting‘. And when I was preparing a post about my daughter’s apathy in finger knitting – she tried it (at the end). Finger Knitted Scarf Firstly I collected some beautiful finger knitting projects and different colours yarns that I had. […]

Spet 1 – Finger knitting

Two weeks ago I got an order to knit a vest for a 2 years old girl. Customer wanted it to be long, with buttons, pockets and shirt style neck. And this is that we come up to. Knitted Long Vest At the bottom of the vest I combined flowers […]

Knitted Long Vest

Some time ago I was looking for free patterns on Ravelry (I think it’s a great site to get patterns or get inspired). And I found this stylish Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho (I love their crafts). I love the style of it and how cosy and soft […]

Knitted Newborn Ear Flap Hat (free pattern)

After one busy day in preschool my daughter came back home with a teared legging on her knee. Of course it doesn’t cost a fortune to buy another pair. But to drive 15 km with two kids just to buy legging – maybe next time when I will need something […]

Crocheted Heart Patch (free pattern)

My daughter, who will be 4 in December, is very much into crafting. She wants to do everything that I do and she gets quite sad if her craft doesn’t look the same as mine. She has got kids sewing machine on her last birthday, and my mother (after hearing about […]

How to teach kids knitting

Last year I crocheted a bear hat and a scarf for my son. It looked so cute that I couldn’t resist to crochet few more newborn size hats to donate for “Knitting for premature babies“. I made one hat in white, which I think will look gorgeous on a little girl. I […]

Newborn Bear Hats (free pattern)

Last week I was asked to make few hats for our friends’ daughter. I felt happy I was asked, because I love to knit/crochet for my family and friends. Crochet Autumn Hats I decided to crochet first hat (on the right in the photo above) all in double crochet and use it […]

Crochet Autumn Hats

Tomorrow my daughter will start the preschool. She is exited and looking forwards. So, to finish our preparation we made few name tags for her jackets. Name tag She choose all the colours and for the first time I stopped myself saying ‘I don’t think these colours look nice together’, […]

Name Tag

Embroidery is something that started to catch my eye just recently. So, I created ‘Embroidery‘ board on Pinterest and started collecting some inspirational examples. And here are my TOP 10: 1. Needlework by Bev Tully: Source – Gumnut Yarns 2. Embroidery by Julie Balzer: Source – Balzer Design 3. Hasta Mostla embroidery: […]

Pinterest-ing: Embroidery

I’ve got an order to knit two cardigan-coats for my client’s nieces (3 and 1 years old). I was happy to take it, and this is the result: Knitted cardigan-coat We wanted to make these cardigans with a high necks, but the yarns I was working with contains 25% wool […]

Knitted Cardigan-Coat

After I made a bow necklace to my daughter, I had to make something similar to my son as well. So, I made a bow tie. Knitted bow tie I knitted the bow the same way as in my last project ‘Knitted Bow Necklace (with tutorial)’. Just for this piece […]

Knitted Bow Tie

For me, knitwear usually relates with winter season but I love to knit and I can’t stop myself from knitting. So, I set myself a goal to knit something for summer season and not a sweater. I had lots of thoughts and this is what I knitted: Knitted bow necklace […]

Knitted Bow Necklace (with tutorial)

It was something original and interesting for me to make these chair pads. Crocheted Chair Pads I used cotton yarn (Tivoli Cruise DK: blue, lilac, dark pink), crochet hook (size 5.0 mm) and a needle to make them. Firstly, I crocheted three pieces, broke yarn and weaved in ends. I used […]

Crochet Chair Pads (free pattern)

This is my first craft for the ‘Lithuanian Food and Craft Fair 2014’. Fair will commence one week before Easter, so buyers should be fully up for Easter (I hope so :)). To create these little hats I used:

Knitted Egg Cosy (free pattern)

The sun is getting brighter, the weather is becoming warmer and it’s time to think about spring/summer season. So, today I would like to share few crochet patterns which suits this season perfectly. 1. I would use this this patterns upside-down to crochet the skirt. And I would add the […]

Free crochet patterns for Spring-Summer

It seems I am not the only one who loves garlands ;). I’ve got an order to make one for little Layla few weeks ago. Me with Layla’s mom choose the colours of ‘Bergere de France Coton Mercerisé’ from www.deramores.com and this is how it looks:

Crochet Garland (free pattern)

I was asked to make 20 cards for Valentine’s day. I haven’t done that before, but I wanted to try myself in paper craft. At the beginning I wasn’t enjoying making them as much as I enjoy knitting or crocheting, but at the end I liked it. And here they […]

Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is not so far away, and here are few crafts ideas how you can express your Love: for greeting cards Lovers: Valentine’s Day Cards (source – Real Simple) 3-D Valentine’s Day Card (source, tutorial – Marta Stewart) for coffee/tea Lovers: Felt Coffee-Cup Sleeve (source – Marta Stewart) for […]

15 DIYs to express your LOVE

And here it is – crochet garland for my daughter’s bedroom. I had some leftovers of the threats, which I wanted to use somewhere. The colours were girlish, so it had to be something for my daughter and not too big.

Crochet Garland (free pattern)

The end of each year for me is not just about Christmas and New Year. It’s also my little princess’s birthday as well. Each year we’re having a theme parties: 1st year it was ‘Princes and Princesses’, 2nd – ‘let it snow!’. And this year we decided to make ‘Theatre’ theme […]

My daughter’s 3rd birthday party

My friend asked me to knit two identical vests for her boys. ‘It’s time to try the Entrelac!’ – I thought to myself. It gives warmth and cosiness to the garment and that is what I needed. I used: Pure Merino 600 g. (300 g. blue, 300 g. green); Bamboo […]

Entrelac boy’s vest

I read a post about national tea cosy competition and I couldn’t resist not to take part in it. I had some ideas and I have chosen not so traditional one.     I had an old jacket which was put away for a long time now. I thought to […]

Tea cosy from an old jacket

Just few days ago when I checked my daughter’s winter outfit, I recognized that I missed to share with you one tunic. It’s my knitwear from last year, when I was preparing my daughter for the cold winter, but it wasn’t so cold. I can’t find any step-by-step pictures, but […]

Knitted tunic with a hidden front pockets

And my little guy has his well deserved vest with a mustache. Firstly, I knitted all vest (front and back) with Garter Stitch. I like how simply this stitch looks by itself as well as with some applications on it.

Knitted vest with a chrochet mustache

After I finished to crochet a hat and a scarf with teddies’ heads for my son, it was time to start similar project for my daughter too. And this time I chose white and a red colors. I think this combination of colors is perfect for winter. Firstly, I made […]

Crochet girl’s hat and a scarf with hearts (free pattern)

I started to prepare for Autumn and my crafts from post ‘Almost finished!’ became finished: Firstly, I crocheted hat, a scarf, 4 big and 8 small circles. I followed the pattern (the 1st below) from Chinese knit and crochet book, but the hat’s edge started to wave so, I used […]

Crochet boy’s bear hat and a scarf (free pattern)

Just few days ago I finished this lovely vest for my daughter. I was stuck with this project, so I had to put it away for a while. And now, when I see the result, I am very happy that I didn’t rush it. And here it is – girl’s […]

Crochet girl’s vest (free pattern)

I love the style of Japanese crochet. It seems so simple, but at the same time very stylish. Today I was looking for some inspiration on the internet and that’s what I found:  (Source – picasaweb.google.com) If you had never came along the meanings of crochet symbols or how to […]

Inspiration. Japanese crochet hats and bags (free patterns)

My first order is finished! I had an order to knit a summer hat for a baby-boy. Yes, the order was to knit. I tried to do it twice, but  both times I was unhappy with the results. The edge was to sharp and the stitch didn’t look nice. So, after […]

Crochet boy’s summer hat

Once my husband bought me the ‘Knitting & Crochet’ magazine which had a free gift kit with it. It consisted of 6 yarns’ balls, 4 mm bamboo needles and 3.5 mm crochet hook. That was enough to make one of the magazine project with no extra yarns. I read the […]

Knitted owl cushion

My daughter’s cousin gave her his bicycle because it’s too small for him. We were pleased about it and started the ‘Operation Transformation!’.

Refreshing bicycle

Finally, I finished this ‘doily and two cushions’ gift set to my mom! My mother wanted a doily to be  the same size as the top of her coffee-table. So, I was busy quite a long time to crochet 80 x 80 cm size doily (I was crocheting a doily […]

Crochet Doily and Cushion Covers (free pattern)

Two years ago I sewed a cot bed bumper for my daughter. The fabric that I used for this bumper I bought in IKEA. I love the colors and pattern of it, but I still wanted to add something mine. So, I added buttons as a giraffe spots and made […]

Cot bed bumper and a laundry bag

Just before Christmas I finished this newborn winter set for our new arrival. We hope to see him in few weeks time. Firstly, I knitted woolly socks. I made them simple without any cuff not to squeeze baby’s legs. Then I knitted mittens. We are expecting to have a baby-boy […]

Knitted newborn winter set

I found lots of DIY Christmas decoration ideas in Just Crafty Enough web-page. I was impressed how easily you can make most of them and how stylish your home can look. Few of them: 1. Christmas Trees (tutorial – here): 2. Knitted Stars (tutorial – here):

Inspiration. DIY Christmas decorations

One of my friend crocheted a hat for her daughter and asked me to decorate it. The hat was red, so I decided to stick to classical red, blue and white colours. Firstly I crocheted eight circles.

How to refresh-decorate a hat

I’ve got the idea about this lemon pullover for my daughter then I was knitting a bolero. The weather is getting colder and plait cables are taking place in my knittings. I started by choosing cable stitch:

Knitted baby pullover with a hidden side pockets

My first reaction was ‘WOW’, when I found these Halloween decorations. I had never fought, you can reuse buttons to decorate a pumpkin :). Source and step-by-step lessons – click here. Source and step-by-step lessons – click here. Happy pumpkin-making! Related articles 6 DIY Eco-Friendly Halloween Décor (apartmentguide.com) Have a […]

Inspiration. How to make Halloween decorations reusing old buttons

I want to share those beautiful canvas to inspire you reuse old buttons and create something nice to your home. Some of them seems easy to make and gorgeous to look at. Busted Button‘s artworks: Thank you for reading!

Inspiration. How to create canvas reusing old buttons

It’s becoming colder and colder, so I started to think about something warn and cosy. I decided to knit a bolero for myself. I started by knitting front and back:

Knitted bolero (free pattern)

One of my friends was pregnant, and I started to knit a gift set for a baby.  I wanted to make a blanket and a toy. Scan showed she was expecting to have a baby-girl (but that was a boy :)), so I thought a mouse will be perfect. I […]

Knitted newborn gift set (free pattern)

In my daughter’s wardrobe I also found my first crocheted cardigan for her. The patterns that I used can be found here. You’ll notice my version looks a bit different as I did not follow the pattern as far as cuffs and trim.

Crochet baby sweater (free pattern)

I already reused my old jeans to create a skirt for my daughter. I still had half of the jeans left, so it was time to make a vest. I am not very good at sewing, so I decided to look for some free patterns. And I found one on […]

How to reuse old jeans (part 2)

I like to share my already crochet hats for my daughter. It seems, it was so long time ago. Yep, the time is running fast.

Crochet hats for baby-girl

The time came to clean my daughter’s wardrobe. It’s quite big one, so I’m storing some clothes even from my baby’s first days. Just take a look what my hand-made knitwear I found there. Her first mitten with a name on it: Pair of newborn boots: Woolly baby’s cardigan with […]

Knitwear for baby-girl

I love to decorate crafts with buttons. And this is one of many ways how you can reuse old buttons. Just take a look at this lovely basket:

How to reuse old buttons