Crocheted Chair Pads (with pattern)

To crochet these chair pads was something original and interesting for me to do.

crocheted chair pads

Crocheted Chair Pads

I used cotton yarn, crochet hook and a needle to make them. I crocheted three pieces, broke yarn and weaved in ends.

I used one of the patterns from my last year post ‘Inspiration. 41 chair pads (patterns)’:

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Crochet patterns for Spring/Summer

The sun is getting brighter, the weather is becoming warmer and it’s time to think about spring/summer season. So, today I would like to share few crochet patterns which suits this season perfectly.

1. I would use this this patterns upside-down to crochet the skirt. And I would add the petticoat in opposite colour for crochet-work just to see the beauty of this lace:

crochet patterncrochet pattern

2. Beautiful flower lace would probably suit any garment:

crochet pattern

crochet pattern

3. With a little bit of glitter or silky shine those patterns could make your garment something to die for:

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