Name Tag

Tomorrow my daughter will start the preschool. She is exited and looking forwards. So, to finish our preparation we made few name tags for her jackets.

Name tag

Name tag

She choose all the colours and for the first time I stopped myself saying ‘I don’t think these colours look nice together’, because she did it just perfect. Well, she is growing. Continue reading →

Pinterest-ing: Embroidery

Embroidery is something that started to catch my eye just recently. So, I created ‘Embroidery‘ board on Pinterest and started collecting some inspirational examples. And here are my TOP 10:

1. Needlework by Bev Tully:

Bev Tully embroidery

Source – Gumnut Yarns

2. Embroidery by Julie Balzer:

Julie Balzer's embroidery

Source – Balzer Design

3. Hasta Mostla embroidery:

hasta mostla embroidery

Source – Carmen Segovia 

4. Ocean by Ana Teresa Barbosa:

Ocean by Ana Teresa Barboza

Source – Ana Teresa Barboza Continue reading →

I am back!

Hello, to all my Dear readers!

It’s been a while from my last post – apologies for that.

garden flowers

Garden flowers for you

We moved the house, so we need some time to settle in, to get our broadband relocated and to enjoy good Irish weather (you know we don’t have it here too often :)).

enjoying summer

Kids are enjoying good weather

rabbit in the garden

Our new friend (comes to visit us every second day)

I hope all of you had some good weather too.

Crocheted Newborn Headband

Few weeks ago one of my friends offered me to try newborns’ photo props. I am open to the new ideas so, the next day after I shipped knitted cardigan-coats, I took Mohair yarns I had from earlier, crochet hook, few buttons and created these headbands.

Newborns headband

Newborn Headbands

I was so into it, I made 3 more with a different tie style. Continue reading →

Knitted Cardigan-Coat

I’ve got an order to knit two cardigan-coats for my client’s nieces (3 and 1 years old). I was happy to take it, and this is the result: Knitted Girl's Cardigan-Coat

Knitted cardigan-coat

We wanted to make these cardigans with a high necks, but the yarns I was working with contains 25% wool which might be itchy so, I covered the inner sides of the necks with cotton fabric. knitted cardigan-coat

Inner side of the neck Continue reading →

Knitted Bow Tie

After I made a bow necklace to my daughter, I had to make something similar to my son as well. So, I made a bow tie.

knitted bow tie

Knitted bow tie

I knitted the bow the same way as in my last project ‘Knitted Bow Necklace (with tutorial)’. Just for this piece I added half fabric-half elastic band (which goes around the neck). And instead of wrapping the middle of the bow with a yarn I used a short fabric band. Continue reading →

Knitted Bow Necklace (with tutorial)

For me, knitwear usually relates with winter season but I love to knit and I can’t stop myself from knitting. So, I set myself a goal to knit something for summer season and not a sweater.

I had lots of thoughts and this is what I knitted:

knitted bow necklace

Knitted bow necklace

knitted bow necklace

Knitted bow necklace

And here is how to make a knitted bow necklace. I started by knitting a rectangle of 4″ x 6″ (10 cm x 15 cm). Continue reading →

Few moments of ‘Lithuanian Food and Craft Fair 2014′

I promised to one of my Facebook followers to share some photos of ‘Lithuanian Food and Craft Fair 2014′. And here they are:

  • my Craft Bay stand
    my Craft Bay stand
  • Yarn bowls
    Yarn bowls
  • Knitted necklace
    Knitted necklace
  • Knitted egg cosy
    Knitted egg cosy
  • Knitted tie bows
    Knitted tie bows
  • Wooden buttons
    Wooden buttons
  • Plastic buttons
    Plastic buttons
  • Fabric covered buttons
    Fabric covered buttons

Thanks for my friend Evelina, who found some time to take these photos. You can find more photos of the Fair on organiser’s Facebook page.