Few moments of ‘Lithuanian Food and Craft Fair 2014′

I promised to one of my Facebook followers to share some photos of ‘Lithuanian Food and Craft Fair 2014′. And here they are:

Thanks for my friend Evelina, who found some time to take these photos. You can find more photos of the Fair on organiser’s Facebook page. 


Crocheted Chair Pads (with pattern)

To crochet these chair pads was something original and interesting for me to do.

crocheted chair pads

Crocheted Chair Pads

I used cotton yarn, crochet hook and a needle to make them. I crocheted three pieces, broke yarn and weaved in ends.

I used one of the patterns from my last year post ‘Inspiration. 41 chair pads (patterns)’:

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Crochet patterns for Spring/Summer

The sun is getting brighter, the weather is becoming warmer and it’s time to think about spring/summer season. So, today I would like to share few crochet patterns which suits this season perfectly.

1. I would use this this patterns upside-down to crochet the skirt. And I would add the petticoat in opposite colour for crochet-work just to see the beauty of this lace:

crochet patterncrochet pattern

2. Beautiful flower lace would probably suit any garment:

crochet pattern

crochet pattern

3. With a little bit of glitter or silky shine those patterns could make your garment something to die for:

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